List of Blacklisted Universities in USA – How to Identify such schools

There has always been lots of anxiety in students who are planning to enroll for higher education in the United States. So in this article we’ll shed some light about the colleges or universities that has been blacklisted in the United States and give you some concepts on how to identify such educational institutions.

Officially there is no any list for the blacklisted universities but some incidents of raids that took place at the Tri-Valley State University which lead to 1555 International students to leave the college and country in 2011 and some other similar incidents lead the students and aspirants to create their own list of blacklisted schools having no accreditation.

If a school is blacklisted then how would I deentify that ?

I am explaining some factors below, one or more mentioned factors can possibly make any university in one among blacklisted category. So I will advise you that whenever you see any of these characters in any educational institutes then there would always be risk involved in studying in these institutes.

Educational institutions who accept students having a very low Profile, i.e, without any GRE or TOEFL scores: This is the most common characteristic of a bad or blacklisted educational institution. These educational organizations allow students with very low academic score or very low TOFEL, GRE scores or even sometimes without having any GRE or TOFEL score. For example, those institutes who offer admissions just to fill the seats to the students having around 50% or below in academics, having 10-15 backlogs in their academic journey or GRE, TOFEL scores around 60 then it is certainly a very low profile institute and may fall under the blacklisted category. Generally it is a situation where the system is being abused by the university and the misuse of the resources provided by the state to the institution. The state keeps track of all these things without you ever knowing.

Universities without any proper accreditation or affiliation – Degree Mills: As the name suggests itself diploma mill or degree mill are those educational institutes whose primary aim is to awards degrees even without having any proper standard or being approved by any official body.
You can check weather a school is properly accredited or not by simply checking it in the website of United States of Education Accreditation .

Universities involved in illegally breaking or bending the rules : The best recent example for this is the Tri-Valley state University which was alleged for visa fraud and consequently raided by ICE and around 1555 students were made to leave the college. Similarly the Herguan University’s CEO was found guilty in the visa fraud. So this is very obvious that schools involved in such kind of activities may lead you to big trouble. There is one more condition to be considered, Universities providing CPT right from the start – you have to be very cautious, if the school is following all the regulations to provide CPT.

Universities accredited by Accreditation Mills: As the name explains itself so i will not explain more. If your college is accredited by some accreditation providing agency who themselves are not identified by any legitimate education body like the Secretary of education, United States Department of Education, or Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

So, as a complete picture we can say that about the schools falling into any of the above categories you have to be very careful.