Suzuki Alto 660cc Model 2016 Price in Pakistan and Pictures

New Design 2016 Suzuki Alto 660cc Newest Images Released with Requirements, Functions, Usage, Motor Power in CC and delightful form Alto Cost in Pakistan. This is the most common little car in Pakistan with wonderful look and regular sitting potential.

Introduction to Suzuki Alto 2016

2016 Suzuki Alto is the lately presented Japanese people Suzuki model 2015-16 that has been launched lately. This car is not very much but in some of onpar gps different and awesome choice to buy. With its release to respond to questions pertaining to its cost, features and specifications have also been responded to in details.

Latest Design Alto 2016 in Pakistan

It is awesome to know that this car is one of the most explored vehicles since Apr 2015. As per opinions, the 550d has been created by paying attention to the needs of a normal car customer particularly convenience and security which can never be affected when it comes to the purchasing of automobiles. This car is predicted to provide high-level efficiency due to its innovative features.

Alto Interior

Suzuki Alto Dashboard

Now let’s discuss what’s within this motivating car. Inside this car contains lately presented vibrant coverings and colors. There are many features that help motorists to deal with their generating such as guide environment, anti-reflective cup, Innovator radio stations system gamer (MP3/CD) plus USB slot. If you want to use it for position of baggage, there is a pretty enough area of 129 liters with open chairs. With collapsed chairs, this potential reaches 367 liters.

Suzuki Alto 660cc Design 2016 Interior

Suzuki Alto 660cc Model 2016 Interior

This lately presented Suzuki Alto 2016 Design is amazing with its great physique that contributes to its attraction. It is light to drive vehicle that is easy to deal with. It has brought up the top for obtaining the internal area of straight route. Seats are relaxed, and there is enough area for a little family members consisting of 5 members to modify in this decorative Alto Car.

Alto Exterior

Its external is as motivating as its internal when it comes to overall look as well as. It is a strongly multiplied car that has exercise move, enhanced turbocompresseur engine with auto move equipment (AGS) which is installed upon body system being more firm. Stopping system and revocation give devoted switching.


It has the private front chair that together with above features make sure higher generating efficiency with a relaxed drive. This car is the best possible example of innovative and secure technology.

Additional Functions that Makes Alto Outstanding

This is the lately presented edition of the city car by Suzuki. This Suzuki Alto is 1.0 Varying Value Moment (VVT) which is 3 ½ metres long and built with engine that has 3 tubes with a potential of 68 HP and highest possible twisting of 90 Nm at 4,800 rpm. VVT is presented for enhancing accelerator reaction make certain extra convenience and satisfaction. Alto has an effective engine of 660cc.

There are four editions of this Suzuki Alto 1.0 VVT

  • • Alto 1.0 L VVT with the guide transmission
  • • Alto 1.0 GL VVT & VVT
  • • Alto 1.0 GLX with automatic/manual transmission
  • • Alto 1.0 VVT Begin & Stop

All of these designs include same equipment of ABS, EBD, side effects cafes, ends and layer safety bags, double safety bags, GLX grip control and ESP.

Its energy intake may seem troublesome, but it has the service of cleaning up its basic parts like engine start and restorative foot brake. It is an enough effective car based to energy intake with a journeying or mileage potential of 37 KM per litre.

Suzuki Alto 2016 Design 660cc Cost in Pakistan

Base cost of Suzuki Alto with the current return rate appears at 840,000 JPY (700,000 PKR). Keep under consideration that this prices are ex-Japan and not the Suzuki Alto price in Pakistan.

This is the highly preferred car these days due to its budget and framework that is aware of needs of regular earnings person. This is a fully presented family members car for a small family members that gets lowest expenses while giving a is completely secure drive. This car is relatively affordable that is made by considering the gains stage and journeying needs of middle-class individuals.

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