Suzuki Alto 2013 Price in Pakistan, Feature and Review

Suzuki Alto is the most favourit and best selling car in Pakistan. Its fashionable, inexpensive, mild in generating and power saving automobile. Follow is the release, functions, images and requirements of this wonderful car.

New Design Alto in Pakistan

Continues to be one of the most explored car of the beginning of Apr 2015: last week dealerships Suzuki revealed the gemstone of the New Suzuki Alto 2015. According to the several news of this latest edition, created and designed with the understanding of merge the understanding of ​​a car is completely safe, high-level efficiency in the full regard of characteristics.

Interior Design

The internal of the Suzuki Alto 2015-16 has new shades and coverings. Features include anti-reflective cup, guide environment and, except for the L model, Innovator radio stations with CD / MP3 player and USB slot.

The baggage section offers a potential of 129 liters, which become 367 with the chairs collapsed. The new Alto, first is excellent body system design. And say these days a mild automobile, brought up ceiling in order to protected the internal area of the straight route.

Exterior Designs

The mixture of highly effective speeding built with exercise move the raised turbocompresseur motor that understands the auto-shift equipment (AGS), it is installed on our bodies system with improved hardness. Furthermore, revocation and stopping system devoted adjusting, and by implementing a private front chair, while both great generating efficiency and relaxed drive and excellent generating enjoyable which was quick.


In inclusion, the benefits of the same relaxed inside area and simplicity of use with the new “Alto” is as it is, the safety technology of innovative.

New Added Features

Suzuki provided the latest form of its city car. The Suzuki Alto 1.0 VVT, 3 metres long and a half, is built with a 1.0 motor with 3 tubes in line capable of offering a power of 68 HP and an optimum twisting of 90 Nm at 4,800 rpm. The abbreviation VVT, Varying Device Moment, indicates improvement the twin variable that, according to the maker, should improve accelerator reaction and to offer more satisfaction and comfort.

Versions of the Suzuki Alto 1.0 VVT are four: Alto 1.0 L VVT with stick move, Alto 1.0 GL VVT and VVT Alto 1.0 GLX with guide or automated gearbox and 1.0 VVT Alto Begin & Stop. All designs include ABS, EBD, double safety bags, part effect cafes, part and layer safety bags, ESP and grip control on the GLX.

It’s energy intake troublesome but, moreover, to clean up the basic parts such as motor start and the best quality of the transmitting light and portable, is implemented Suzuki unique restorative foot brake “energy charge”. Although more is not a high-efficiency “S energy charge”, thereby recognizing the most fuel-efficient automobile is (2WD / CVT) in the fuel car top 37.0km / L.

New Design Alto Cost in Pakistan

From 800,000 to 1,000,000. Cost Relies on Design and Specifications

Pak Suzuki Alto 2015-16 is the best preferred and provided family car in Pakistan. This is the small car with lowest expenses. Suzuki Alto 2015 is certainly a low priced car as every middle-class man can buy this wonderful car.

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