H1B Visa 2016 Lottery Premium processing

H1B Visa 2016 Lottery Premium processing
Everyone will be hectic once they applied for H1B Visa, since it involves into lottery system which is based on every one’s luck. So all are waiting to look for positive result as to be selected and some of them are disappointed in this regard by the system. Because the lottery system will select the candidates arbitrarily and make decision. Most of petition would be rejected during the course of lottery processing.
About H1B Visa lottery
In the quota of 2016, there are 233,000 petitions are applied. From that, the selected petitions would be sharply 85,000 for sure. It is based on strict precise probability. For every 3 petitions, 1 petition will be selected by this lottery system. Many of us spent more dollars in US study and working in MNC companies looking to have a chance to work in USA. In addition to that, many people hold their H4 Visa and looking for right sponsor to work in USA. But here nothing to do from our side as hard work and high talent. All process depends on lottery system result only.
H1B Visa 2016 Premium processing time
USCIS declared the premium process for 2016 petitions will be closed on May 11th and the process will begin from 27th April. After this, each applicant will get case receipts on processing of their petition. The can keep checking the status of selected applications in H1B Visa tracker. If the case receipt is not received on time, no need to worry. It will be coming in next week as premium processing receipt.
Normally the employer or immigration attorney will be receiving the email for premium process from USCIS having the details of H1B case with receipt number. So you can track the receipt number in USCIS site to know the current status. Hence all H1B petitions will be transacted prior to 27th April or before 30th April for sure. Sometime it may happen like on first week of May month also. USCIS is committed to process all the petitions for 15 calendar days from 27th April. The premium processing clock will be paused for RFE (Request for evidence) and it will be resumed it RFE response if released by employer later. So no need to get stressed and be nervous while others are murmuring about the receipt received. So all are decided by lottery as single point of decision making system.