New Model Suzuki Swift 2016 Price in Pakistan, Pictures, Specs

Release to Suzuki Instant 2016

Suzuki Instant was released by Pak Suzuki Engine Company in Jan 2010 in Pakistan. This is the most hot promoting car especially for young children. This is available in three different versions hich discuss the same 1.3l motor but a choice of A/T and M/T is present.

New Model Suzuki Swift 2016 Picture and Features

New Suzuki Instant car is very sleek in generating and its chairs are very relaxed. If you want to go on vacation close relatives members, then it is the best car for this reason. This car matches to a little close relatives not large.

New Instant also won the Car of the year prizes in Sydney and New Zealand, also in Parts of asia like Asia, Chinese suppliers and Indian and Europe such as The country, Italy, Ireland in europe and U. s. Kingdom; and noticeable millennium of prizes in other requirements.

Swift Interior

2016 Suzuki Instant have a wonderful and high-class internal. You will see the dark and greyish designed internal. The top of the line versions come built with an incorporated CD/USB/AUX recipient and a SAT/NAV multi-media is optionally available. The device group is very regular and reveals no details else than the ODO and journey metres.

New Swift Interior Design Image

Despite its little size, the Instant is huge from the interior. The start has enough area to keep a few purses or little baggage, paying attention to that it is a hatchback. Moreover, the back chairs than be collapsed to a 60:40 rate for more area in the start.

Swift Exterior

The external of this car is also very fashionable. Its exclusive design coordinate the need of a hatchback in Pakistani auto industry, without limiting on the place within the car. The bumpers and front lights of the car give it a very bright and wonderful look.

New Model 2016 Swit Exterior Design Picture Wallpaper

The overall external of the car is very wonderful and fashionable. This car is known for its elegant beauty. The body of the car is powerful and wonderful. Instant looks like a fantastic car.


Suzuki Instant has an advantage of the ability to weight rate concept and even though it has a 1.3l motor, it accomplishes numbers around 13-14Km/L in town and 15-16Km/L on street. For the AT versions, the numbers decrease to 11-12Km/L in town and 13-14Km/L on street.


This wonderful lightweight car in available in 6 shades. . Gem Red, Graphite Grey, Strong White, Smooth Gold, Sand Bravo and Arizona Red. Gem Black and Metal Red have been presented lately for a short time.


The new Instant is provided with highly effective 1.3Litre motor. This guarantees fastest pick-up, stable drive and the best possible energy performance. With new Instant you get the excitement you desire.

Quite Cabin

Floor sections that are free of pellets are along with high-damping performance street linens to keep ground board vibrations as low as possible. The car owner and travelers enjoy a great sleek, silent drive even on difficult street areas.

=Low Breeze Noise

A move coefficient of only 0.32 is noticed by aeroparts such as front airdam, by the spoiler-type shape of the tailgate’s tailing advantage, and by airflow-smoothing entrance showcases. The top streamlined performance encourages cottage tranquility by reducing wind disturbance.

Electronic Energy Steering

To improve generating experience and to provide with effective managing ability, swift is provided with technology of Digital Energy Guiding (EPS). EPS put smaller put on motor, needs no regular servicing and is vehicle rate delicate.

Key-less Entry

To help put Instant owners’ thoughts relaxed, it has keyless access with answerback operate and an immobilizer system: the key key is secured for exclusive use with the immobilizer only; therefore, it is difficult to start the motor without the exclusive secured key key.

Swift Specifications:

Engine: 1328cc 16 device DOHC I4 which generates 90BHP @ 6000 RPM

Gearbox: 5 rate guide and 4 rate automatic

Seating Capacity: 5 persons

Steering: Digital Energy Guiding (EPS)



Suzuki Instant 2016 Cost in Pakistan


Suzuki Instant DX 1.3 (1328cc, Manual, Fuel )

PKR 1,221,000
Suzuki Instant DLX 1.3 (1328cc, Manual, Fuel )

PKR 1,282,000
Suzuki Instant DLX Automated 1.3 (1328cc, Automated, Fuel )

PKR 1,418,000
New Suzuki swift is the best lightweight car in Pakistan. Its industry price also very good. Guys prefers this car very much. I wish you like this informative article. You can opinion below if you need any more details about this car. Thanks for going to this car prices in Pakistan website.

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