60 min H1B Interview Experience – Paid Money Trick questions – 221g issued

Many people find it very useful to go through the sample question and answers the used to be asked in the interview. So we are sharing this honest experience, it is like an insight view for anyone attending the interview.

So here I am explaining the experience of one of my friends Asfak Khan from Lahore. Visa interview directly as my friend have shared the process in his experience. At the end I will also share some notes so that you can have some idea about why I was grilled so long.

H1B Interview – 1st Set of Questions

After waiting a long hour in queue I went for the interview with the visa officer.

Wishes exchanged with Visa Officer
Asked for my passport.
Who is your current employer?
How long you have been working with them?
What is your designation?
How is the work in that company?
From how many years you have been working with the present company?
Who filled your petition? (Then asked me for the approval form and told me to came after 10mins)
Than Again I was told —
Can you please wait, we will call you back in some time.(Given 1 yellow slip written – please be seated until we call back)
After 2 hr. 30 min. waiting: Second Set of the H1B Interview questions begins.

Two VOs called me to the counter and the interview round begins.

Q : How are you sir?
A: Doing good sir. How are you.
Q: Who is your employer?
Q : Can you tell about your employer?
A : Explained the name of the company, place, what kind of work they are doing.
Q : Now tell me how much money you paid to process your visa?
A: I haven’t paid anything sir
Q : No sir I am asking you how much caution deposit you paid to the employer?
A : Same reply from me.
Q : Are you going to work in client place or employer place?
A : Employer only
Q : Who is the contact person from the employee?
A : Given CEO Name.
Q : have you spoken to him?
A : Yes.
Q : How may rounds of interview they conducted?
A : 4 rounds (2 technical, 1 client and 1 hr)
Q : How much they offered?
Q : Did you commit with them anything?
A : Yes, I have accepted to work with them for 1yr.
Q : Why did you accepted?
A : Same question I asked the employer. They told that they thought about my recruitment so I have accepted.
Q : Is your employer going to deduct something from salary after your joining with them?
A : No they didn’t say anything
Q : Who is your client what they are doing?
A :Explained about the client and work they are doing.
Q : Who is the contact person in the client place?
A : Given the name of the contact
Q : Have you to spoken to him?
A : Yes, couple of times, he took interview on March. And 2 weeks back spoken to him regarding joining date and stamping status
Q : Again how much employer charged you for visa?
A : Same answer, have not paid anything.
Q : How come? You know XYZ?(Company HR Name)
A : Yes he is my HR
Q : He has confirmed that he had taken some amount of money from everyone.
A : Sorry sir. They have not charged me. If the HR is confirming then I’ll ask to explanation about that.
Q : But it has already been confirmed by one of your colleague that he paid money for visa processing?
A : May be, But I referred by one of my friends XYZ already working with them, say am employee referral.
Q : Its ok..
Q : Tell me truth it won’t effect your visa.
A : Same answer. Haven’t paid.
Q : Tell me how much you paid, I will approve your visa.
A : Without paying anything how can I tell?
Q : It is really very shocking for me that my employer is charging for processing my visa. Although proper check have been done by me about the employer before processing. One of my friend is also working here and I have said some of my friends in United States to go to the employer. Everyone gave positive feedback about the employer. In fact it is the first time that I am hearing – they charge money for the processing of visa.
Q : Oh is it? Paying money is no issue. I won’t affect your visa application.
A : Yes I know, Paying money may not be an issue but really I didn’t paid anything.
Q : Do you have any other documents?
A : I have given all the documents that I have. Kept the 797 original, copy of the 129, LCA, letter from the Client, Employer’s offer letter, attorney’s agreement letter and except the 797 I returned all original documents.
Q : Please have a seat, we will call you back.
A : Thank you.

After 15mins

Same lady called me again and returned passport with a blue form having a number on it and ticked only “Your application needs more administrative verification before last decision” & I was asked to leave.

Key points – Why too much grilling? : Many people would dislike to admit this, but there are a large amount of people who are ready to pay to get their H1B visa. It was just a co-incident that the same day some other person with sponsored H1B, from the same employer was in the same consulate and he told that he paid some amount as caution deposit for the processing of his visa. That guy had been convinced by the Visa Officer that his HR emailed him that he had paid some amount as caution deposit money. Lastly he also signed a paper confirming – he paid money. My interview was just after that. Even I had not paid any amount for my H1B processing, I had to pass through all this grilling.

Above are few of the questions that you need to remember while facing the interview. Hope it helps.