Why International Students choose to Study in US Money

Like other students over a decade ago like others I also spoke with many for advice when I was thinking to study abroad. I was not surprised at the US to be the most common suggestion. There are other countries also, offering almost similar quality of life. They also provide a very good education infrastructure. But even then the common perception about US is this that the after the education quality of life will be much batter. So in this article I’ll share my thoughts, for being US as the most favored educational destination.

US history or its record as a main destination.
US has been constantly attracting the students for decades. In the year 2014-15 this figure was around a whooping 975,000. This is around 10% more then compared to the last year. I analysed a lot of figures, compared them with many other countries and then finally I ended up analyzing that it is mainly the mindset and perceptions among the people. There are many countries offering similar conditions but they are unable to attract students in such a big number.

Analysis of this based upon Education, Jobs, Freedom, Money.

Research oriented Higher Education System: The quality of education is often measured with its association with the research and analysis & its affinity towards getting a job. Among the other developed nations US has shown a much higher score in this category. Even if you got into a low category school then also it gives you a very good experience.

Life as a student – Freedom is the key requirement for any student. In US the freedom that you get to move to different places is uncomparable. The long drives are also an amazing experience. Freedom to dress as you want, freedom to express yourself as you may like and the freedom to choose a lifestyle that suits you are few things that you can’t imagine elewhere due to social circumstances or other factors. Sometimes it feels like a bird out of the cage to explore the world.

Career opportunities:
One of main expectations of the studies are to get a good job. If you love banking and finance then the New York city could be your place, The Sillicon valley in the Bay area is the heaven for the software people, . US provides you the right opportunity to grow your career in the area you like. These factors makes US the most fafourate education destination. Lots of the biggest companies of the world have their headquarters in US. Moreover the experience earned in these companies have a great value in their respective countries when they return back.

Making money and saving money: This is the biggest desire of the students from the developing countries who work in the us. Many of these students are from middle class families and have dreams about good home and other amenities also they have a good financial stabelity.

Social respect : Many of the students choosing US as their destination for higher studies are aware of the fact that they will have good social respect when they will come back to their country. Many do it just for getting US studid level and attracting limelight.

These are a few reasons that make a student to choose US as their destination for the studies.