How to apply for USA immigration Visa?

People from around the world who want to settle permanently in the United States of America are required to obtain immigrant visa. This is the very first step for becoming a legal resident in America. The article below with explain who can immigrate to the US, the requirements and the steps involved in the process for getting the USA immigration visa. The main focus of the article is on the family and employment categories since these two aspects are the most widely used by would-be immigrants. In order to become eligible for applying for an immigrant visa, the foreigner needs to be sponsored by a relative who is an American citizen, a permanent resident in the US. A prospective employer can also sponsor immigrants.

The first step in the immigration process involves filing a petition on behalf of the foreigner with the USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services).

An American citizen may file a petition for a spouse, children, parents and siblings. A permanent resident in the US (green card holder) may file a petition for a spouse and unmarried children.

The Procedure

In all cases where the applicant qualifies for immigration by virtue of his / her relationship with an American national or a permanent resident, or due to an employment offer, a petition is necessaeey to be files with the immigration services (USCIS). Application for a visa can only be made after acceptance of this petition.

The petitioner or the sponsoir must be an American national, a permanent resident or an employer. In some cases like foreign investors, priority workers and diversity immigrants may also file a petition on their own behalf.

All hopefuls who are of the opinion that they are entitled to apply for immigration based on their relationship with an American national or a greencard holder should request their relative to file a petition on their half with the immigration service in America. The prescribed form used for this purpose is known as form I � 130. If the sponsor is living out of the United States, the same petition can be files at an embassy or a consulate of the US. However, in the latter case, the sponsor must be moving back to America.

The sponsor is also required to properly execute an Affidavit of support known as I � 864. In this Affidavit, the sponsor agrees that he / she will offer support to the would-be immigrant. The sponsor also agrees to reimburse the cost of any benefits provided to the immigrant by a government agency or a public entity. Federal income tax returns for the past three years also need to be submitted with the immigration service. The sponsor is under an obligation to support the relative until he / she become a US citizen or chooses to leave the US on a permanent basis.

If a person believes that he / she is eligible to migrate to the US due to an employment offer in the US, they would need an approved immigrant petition submitted through form I � 140. In mo9st cases the prospective employer files this petition. However, before filing this petition, the employer is also required to obtain a labor certification from the competent authority. The sponsor must prove that there are no people in the U.S. qualified to take the job.

It is advisable that the sponsor files the petition in person so that it is recorded in an appropriate manner.

Once the petition is approved, the applicant is awarded a visa number or a priority date. The immigrant is must submit a visa application on this date. The waiting period depends on the number of petitions in the selected category and could take years.