What is the impact of Federal Judge Temporary Injunction on H4 Visa EAD Rule

What is the impact of Federal Judge Temporary Injunction on H4 Visa EAD Rule?

H4 Visa EAD Rule

For spouse, children and other family members, US government is issuing H4 Visa for the people who are those having a legal H1 Visa for staying with family members pleasantly in USA. If a candidate is holding right H1 Visa, his/her immediate family members are eligible to apply for H4 Visa from their native country to US consulate as per rule. So H4 Visa EAD (Employment Authorization Document) rule is talking about a spouse or family members who are those owning perfect H4 Visa can work in US legally without any issue. Apart from that they are eligible to begin a business in US as per this rule if they have sufficient H4 Visa.

A temporary injunction (Court Order)

A temporary injunction had been issued by federal judge opposite to Executive action on immigration at 16th, February, 2015. It created some problem regarding getting our H4 Visa EAD rule. Most of us know that injunction meant to a court order to restrict the people to do an action that they think to execute. So openly say, federal judge of Texas raised a court order temporarily opposite to president Obama’s order of immigration rule which had been confirmed on November 2014.
Impact of that temporary injunction filed

Not only by Texas, there are some 25 states also issued and promote the court order as that president Obama utilized more than his authority rights in Nov 2014 execution action in immigration. It affects both DAPA (Deferred Action for Parents of Americans) and (DACA) Expanded Deferred Action for Childhood.

DAPA: There are 4 million people coming under this who are those have been living as US citizen with permanent rights.

DACA: It meant to denote the people who are those brought up to US when they are children

There will not be any impact in H4 Visa EAD rule by this temporary injunction for sure. So no need to worry about in this regard at any instance. Because there are two main reasons behind this. First one is, it has been started prior to president Obama’s immigration action at Nov 2014. Second one is, it only affects DAPA and DACA as per the injunction statement released. Hence people must be aware of this right information with original voice of injunction statement and its real action scripts.