How Dubai Visa application is processing?

How Dubai Visa application is processing?
Dubai is a luxuries and modern city among Arabian places with plenty of culture and tradition things around. It consists of more amazing places with unique feature. It provides fantastic attractions and growing more.

If you like to visit Dubai, you must need their visa and process of visa petition is simple and you can get that easily as compared to other countries visa.
It is important to know and follow the below instructions prior to apply for Dubai Visa:
A single entry is applicable for all visa applications.
Visa approval is only decided only by immigration officials. Once you paid the visa application fee, it cannot be refunded.

Immigration team will process your application in 3 – 4 working dates excluding weekends and holidays. Your visa will be approved and issued in 5 – 7 days.
It is recommended to apply for Dubai visa before 2 weeks at least.
Sunday – Thursday are processing days for immigration

If the visa is approved, you will be getting a email regard that provided you applied the visa application through online. Then you can take a copy of that visa to the airport along with your passport.

It is mandatory that medicliam insurance and overseas travel for all applicants with age of 60 years and above. You are required to upload that with visa application for sure. In addition to that, you can take a copy of that and keep with you for further reference.
Important requirements:
You have to ensure that your passport is valid for above three months from landing into Dubai.

Follow the rules and regulations strictly prior to submit the application.
Ensure there must be 2 – 3 blank pages available in your passport.
the process of application will take long time due to some immigration reason. But the ideal processing time is 2 -3 days.

Fees of Dubai holiday visa:

You have to pay DH 250 against Dubai holiday tourist visa.
There is a charge of DH 350 for multiple tourist visa
DH 790 will be charged if you want 90 days stay in Dubai
Instructions and notes for applying through online:
It is better to apply for Dubai visa from online before 4 days at least
UAE immigration officials will approve your visa in their working days
You will be notified once the visa is approved, thereby you can login and check the status of visa from where you applied that.
Just keep a copy of that visa at the time of starting to airport for your safer side